Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best of Days

B2N2 Scraps has just released a lovely new kit called Best of Days. With a rich color palette & lots of elements, this kit would be great for all sorts of photos but especially vintage photos. Or just photos you've given that vintage look to like I did with my layout! Both the kit & QPs are on sale 30% off for one week at STS; the kit will be 30% off at My Memories for one week. Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Play Ball

With summer coming to a close it's time to start gearing up for the World Series run. While my husband's team doesn't have a chance I know he'll still be watching with our boys & a huge new kit to use to scrap any picture I might take is Play Ball from Shel Belle Scraps. This mega kit includes 30 papers, 80 elements & two alphas ... but there's more! You can pick up an extra alpha set that has 8 different colored alphas in it or snag the word bit add-on.

The whole set is on sale for 50% through this Thursday as Shel is the Featured Designer over at Stuff to Scrap! If you participate in the challenge you can earn a $3 coupon to Shel's store & if you do the scavenger hunt you can get the Play Ball Wordbits for free so head on over to have some fun.

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a Shore Thing

Just in time to get all those last minute beach pictures scrapped, It's a Shore Thing by Mommy Me Time Scrapper & The Scrappy Kat has hit the store today! The mega kit has everything you need for beach layouts with tons of great elements & papers. In addition to the kit, you can pick up an add-on with even more elements, a quick page set that contains an amazing 16 pages & a word art set! And everything is 30% off for a limited time so snag it now.

Tammy & Kat's creative teams have gotten together to give away a ton of freebies for this kit, click on the preview to download & enjoy! Sorry, this freebie has expired!. Head on over to Tammy & Kat's blogs to get the links for the rest of the free stuff & enjoy!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Friend ~ A 2 Store Designer Collaboration

The designers at Stuff to Scrap & Scraps N Pieces have a dear friend and fellow designer that has been diagnosed with leukemia. She has missed a lot of work & so designers from both stores have come together to put together a fund raising kit to benefit our Dear Friend. She is a great designer & a good friend to all of us. She is having to take a break right now from work & from designing to take care of herself & we hope the funds raised from this template pack will help benefit her in some small way and show our appreciation to her for all she has done to help & support us.

This template pack contains 40 ~ 12x12 templates & 4 ~ 8.5x11 templates in PSD, TIF, PNG & PAGE formats. You will get tons of use from them and be able to use them over and over again. Be sure to tell your friends to come pick up this great deal on some awesome templates & help out our friend in the meantime. The template pack is regularly $15, but is on sale for $11.99 right now which makes it less than 30 cents per template!

Here are a couple of super cute layouts made with a couple of these templates, snag them now & help a wonderful person!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rainbow Party

B2N2 Scraps has a great new kit out today, Rainbow Party. While this kit was made with birthdays in mind, it has so many general elements that you could really use it for just about any type of layout that needs a rainbow. I found this perfect to use for scrapping a picture from my boys' 1st birthday party, now to scrap all the rest! Rainbow Party & the coordinating quick page set are on sale for 30% off for a limited time.

Rocket Man & The Fix

The Scrappy Kat has two great new releases out right now, let's start with one that is out of this world: Rocket Man. This super cute space kit was inspired by the Halloween costume Kat's son wore last year & it also explains why you'll find a pumpkin in the kit! What makes this kit a steal is that it's the featured kit for the August Quick Page Exchange which means that the kit will be on sale for 40% off for all of August. When you get the kit, whip up a layout & submit a quick page for the challenge; at the end of the month you'll get a ton of great quick pages for free!

As you can see by my layout, you don't need space themed photos to use this kit, I just used some of my youngest playing with his Bill Ding toys. Heh. Bill Ding. Get it? Building? Hah!

The other kit I have to tell everyone about is Star Student which can be purchased only through the August 2012 The Fix over at Digi Scrap Addicts. For just $3.00 you can pick up not only Kat's kit but also three more kits; that's just $0.75 per kit! But only through the end of August, after that Star Student goes into Kat's store at full price so snag it while it's a great deal. And don't forget to sign up to receive The Enabler via email each month, it's full of great layouts, spotlights on designers around the digi world & freebies.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cutting Hybrid Files

How many of you have a Silhouette Cameo? I do & just love it despite the fact that I haven't gotten up the nerve to use the vinyl material yet. It's especially nice as I can never cut a curved line without making it look like there was an earthquake going on.

But did you know that you can use the Cameo to cut out digital elements & hybrid projects? It's not that hard & while there are a lot of steps, once you get the hang of it, you'll just zip right along! These instructions are only for the Silhouette Cameo 'cause that's the only cutting machine that I own & while the instructions are for my Canning Label set, the steps can be followed for any digital template or element. Shall we get started?

Start out by opening up the template & create your canning label. Save the file & then merge all the layers in the file together.

Open up a new 8.5x11 layout. In my hybrid template sets you'll find a JPG named Cameo Cut Borders; import this file into the layout. What I did was make a file that shows the registration marks & safe areas that your design will need to stay within to properly cut lines print & cut.

It helps to use guides to create a safe area by lining guides up with the black lines in the upper right & lower left corners. My guides are those light blue lines. Drag & drop your merged labels into the new layout until you've gotten as many as you need but don't let them touch each other. Avoid putting any of the labels on the grey fence area, this area will not print & stay within the safe area. Remember that the labels are the correct size so don't resize them!

Hide the Cameo Cut Borders layer & merge all the other layers together. Save the document as a PNG but do not trim the file.

Create a new fill layer in black & clip it to your merged layers. Save this as a PNG with a different name (I usually include the word black in the name) but do not trim the file.

Open up the Silhouette software, then go to File --> Open --> Select the PNG file that is all black. Set your document by picking the Letter size & Cutting Mat size. Next, go to Registration Marks & choose the Show Reg Marks with the Format as Cameo. Your labels should be inside the red lines & not touching any grey areas. If you are touching any of the unsafe areas, go back to the layout with all the labels on it, unmerge & move things around a touch, then remerge & resave. Kind of a pain but it's better than part of the design not printing or cutting!

Once you are in the safe area, go to Trace & click on Select Trace Area. Create a box that includes all the labels, you'll see a thick yellow outline appear. Next click on Trace Outer Edge & a thin red line will appear around the labels. Now you can click on the labels & hit delete to get rid of the template.

Import the actual labels by going to File --> Open --> Select the PNG file that shows your labels. Once the file has opened, select & copy the file then paste it onto your trace file. Right click to bring up the options & select the Send to Back option to get the labels behind the trace lines.

Even though you are using files made from the same layout, they might be out of alignment. Zoom in close to double check, as you can see my labels are slightly out of alignment. Use the keyboard arrows to nudge your labels so they are lined up inside of the trace lines.

You are now A-OK to send your document to print & then to cut. When you send it to cut, make sure to detect the registration marks before cutting by selecting "Detect automatically." If you notice white edges after cutting, that usually means the lines were slightly off but if you ink the edges of the cut label then it won't show.

As I mentioned above, this technique can be used for any digital element or hybrid project. The most important part is saving a copy of the element or hybrid as a solid black PNG. If you try to trace a colored PNG, the software doesn't know where the edges are & you'll get a crazy trace that won't work at all. Have fun!

August 2012 Build A Kits

** If you're looking for the Road Trip freebie, scroll down to the previous post! **

Getting ready for the end of summer? I know we're excited about heading out to fall festivals & the August Stuff to Scrap Build A Kits are going to be great for getting all your pictures scrapped. This month's theme is Orchard Fun & there are so many great kits you might have trouble deciding what to get! If you can't make up your mind & purchase more than 3 kits at once, use the code AUGUST_BUY3_SAVEHALF to get 50% off all the BAKs in your cart!

First up, I have to tell everyone about my offering this month; when I saw the theme I immediately thought of canning applesauce & all those good things. Which lead to these great Canning Labels! Included in the set are 4 different designs each available in sizes that will fit both full & wide mouth Ball jars. You can choose from a center label that covers just the middle of the lid or a full label that covers the whole lid. Plus there are matching side labels! At just $2.49 this is a great set that you can use for your own canned stash or to use them to spice up your canned gifts.

As always, the download includes TIF, PSD, PNG, JPG & PAGE files along with full instructions. If you have a Silhouette Cameo, there will be post up later this afternoon that will walk you through importing these into the Silhouette software to print & cut them out. 

Of course I had to use these labels for myself, I don't can things yet but I do make freezer pies & have started making freezer jam. Canning is next on the list if I can work up the nerve. The next BAK I have to show off is Fruity Fun from The Scrappy Kat. Love me some apples so I used it to make labels for our freezer apple pies, yum!

I also got to work with the various minis from B2N2 Scraps which include Apple Pickin', Strawberry Pickin' & Orchard Fun Alphas. Such a cute set when you put it all together! I used these ones for my freezer jams (mental note: next time put on labels & take pictures before freezing!).

By the way, if you want to try your hand at making freezer pies, check out the instructions over at Our Best Bites. These pies are really easy to make & we love having them on hand for an easy dessert or snack. Be sure to check out the rest of Sara & Kate's site, those ladies are amazing cooks & everything I've made from their site has been a hit with us.