Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Illinois Bar Exam Sale

If you had told me 3 years ago, in the middle of my husband's first year of law school, that our little family would actually make it all the way through the rigors of law school, I would have broken down in hysterical laughter. Seriously, it's been a rough 3.5 years with very little family time & me having to pretty much act as a single parent to our boys for the majority of that time. But we made it through & now Tim is gearing up to take the Illinois Bar Exam today & tomorrow! Of course he still has to pass the Bar (drat) so we won't fully be done until that happens, hopefully that will happen in the first few weeks of April when the results come back.

We did some poking around & found out that to get a 100% on the Illinois Bar you have to get a total of 400 points. However, a passing score is only 264 points or a 66%. You better believe that I'm rooting for Tim to make at least a 67%, high would be nice but all I want is for him to pass. This will be the only time I'll ever root for that kind of score!

To send Tim as much good karma as I can, I've decided to put my whole store on sale for 66% off for today & tomorrow. I was hoping to have more new products in there but the whole computer dying kinda messed up those plans. Have fun shopping & if you want to send Tim some good vibes/thoughts, we would both appreciate it!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Polka Dot Party by The Scrappy Kat

Have you been enjoying The Scrappy Kat's month-long birthday party? There's just a few days left & Kat has saved the best for last! Be sure to read the whole way to the end as there is something amazing to pick up as a final birthday gift from Kat.

As a thank you to all her wonderful fans, Kat is giving away her newest kit, Polka Dot Party, for FREE! The catch is that the kit will only be free today, Sunday February 24th & tomorrow Monday 25th. After that it goes into Kat's store. Where can you get this super cute kit? Well, on Kat's blog you'll find the kit which includes the elements, patterned papers & semi-solid polka dot papers. Then hop over to Kat's Facebook page to pick up the carstocks. Hurry on over & get your gift!

Here's what I did with this fun kit, this is my boys on the day of their birthday party last summer. We were hanging around waiting for everyone to arrive & Jake was trying to squirt us all with his water gun. Have to say this was a perfect shot & I got it on my cell phone!

Whew, finally to the end & I have a little cluster freebie for everyone. Just click on the preview to download & enjoy! Sorry, this freebie has expired!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friends Across the Miles

Do have friends who you only see every once in a while because you live far from each other? The new kit from B2N2 Scraps & Shel Belle Scraps, Friends Across the Miles, can help you scrap those pictures of the special times you can get together. The color scheme is great for male or female friends & there are plenty of elements to help you scrap lots of different situations. It's 30% off for a limited time so grab it while the kit is at a great price.

Here's a picture from the Stuff to Scrap Retreat last April, it was so much fun to finally meet all the wonderful people I had met online in the forum!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Painted Egg

I have gotten way behind in my scrapping which is why I've just gotten around to scrapping pictures from Easter 2012 in February 2013! Gonna do better this year, I swear. For my pictures, I decided to use the fun kit Painted Egg by Digital Harmony Design Studio as the colors were just what I needed to scrap some Peeps pictures. I love the kit with all it's bright colors & lots of add-ons; in addition to the kit you can also pick up an Add-On, Gingham Papers & Glitter Papers. You can purchase them all separately or snag them in the Painted Egg bundle for some great savings.

For Easter last year, we made a Peeps wreath; it was great fun but my eldest kept trying to eat all the Peeps before they made it to the wreath! I found the idea on Pinterest & have a bunch of other Peeps themed projects pinned, check out my Spring/Easter board to see them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Take Out

.Well, the good news is that I've got a new computer on order, the bad news is that it won't get here until mid-March. Ugh. Until then I'm going to have to do my dance between two computers but I don't mind because I'm on a new creative team! I'm now a part of the Just for Fun Designs creative team & I am so thrilled as I love Kelly's work. She has an amazing NICU kit that I'm going to work with as soon as I get the photos of my twins' birth sorted out. They looked so alike, I'm having a few problems remembering who is who in the pictures; is that bad? LOL.

Today, I've got Kelly's newest kit to show off, Take Out is just what you need to scrap all those outings to fast food joints or pizza night in. We eat way too much fast food right now thanks to my husband getting ready to take the bar, so very bad of us. Right now Take Out is on sale for $2.50 through the end of February so snag it quick for all those upcoming trips out to eat!

Here's my layouts, strangely I got quite the headache scrapping the angled layout. I guess my brain was having trouble processing the steep angle but it was worth it, I love how it turned out.

Head on over to Kelly's blog to find out how you can get this matching alpha for free!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

B2N2 Scraps CT Call

In case you were thinking about applying for a creative team, Becky of B2N2 Scraps is holding a call right now. I've been on Becky's CT since she started designing & she is just wonderful to work for, plus her kits are uber cute. If you're interested, check out the requirements below & send Becky an email by Friday, March 1st to apply!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Everyday Love

The day of love is almost upon us & there's a great new kit in the store, Everyday Love by B2N2 Scraps that can help you get all those photos scrapped. Becky chose a somewhat non-traditional color palette so if you aren't that big into pink, never fear there is plenty of purple & blue for you. The kit is on sale for 30% right now & you can even pick up a sampler to use in the February Use It All Challenge over in the forum!

Still not sole on the photo effect I did on my first layout but I'm feeling lazy so I won't change it. My second layout is made with just the free sampler, you know you want to pick it up & do the challenge!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Will You Be Mine

My computers are finally biting the dust which means I haven't been able to get much scrapping or designing or much of anything computer related done recently. Thank goodness our tax refund is decent this year so I can get a new iMac! I'm so excited because our laptop is 10 years old (& missing several keys) & our desktop is 8 years old & can't connect to the internet anymore. Which gives you an idea of why I haven't gotten much done. Now I just have to decide if I want the 21" or 27" as the monitor I have now is 24"; do I go bigger or smaller?

One thing I was able to get done are some hybrid projects for Valentine's Day since I want to send in treats for my boys classmates. Now the templates are in the store & you can use them to make some last minute gifts for your friends & family! First up are the Will You Be Mine Cards, I get a little twitchy around Valentine's Day with all the red/pink so I went with a slightly non-traditional palette for these that didn't make me twitchy. Pick it up for just $1.00 until Valentine's Day!

Love! As you can see below, I made the card on the left flat & just used shadows to make the hearts/elements pop. On the right I cut out all the hearts separately & then used pop dots to make it 3-D, it's a bit hard to see in the picture but it's way cool in person. I plan on printing out another set where all the hearts are cut out separately & then let my boys go to town decorating. Grandparents love that kind of stuff!

For these cards I used two different kits, on the left card I used Te Amo from Build A Memory & on the right I used Love Is... from Mommy Me Time Scrapper. Both are great kits for all your love themed pictures or hybrid projects.

Next I had to make something for the boys to take to school so I whipped up some candy wrappers for the Valentine's candy out there. Boy are there a lot of choices these days! I narrowed it down to five candies: Brach’s Conversation Hearts (1 oz box); Jelly Belly Conversation Beans (1.2 oz box); M&M’s Minis (1.94 oz Tube); Sweettarts Hearts (1.5 oz box); & Sweethearts Candies (1 oz box). These are also on sale for just $1.00 for the set until February 14th.

I had fun designing the wrappers but I think I'll try to get the boys to help me design the ones they'll actually give to their classmates; Jake loves "making a pretty."

Again, I used used Te Amo for the box in the back right & Love Is...for the box on the back left. For the middle box & M&Ms Mini tube I used Be Mine from Shel Belle Scraps. Love this kit because it's one I can use for my boys with the blues & purples.

I hope you have fun getting ready for Valentine's Day & if you need some more card or candy wrapper templates, check out my store. I've put most of my hybrid project templates on sale for 50% through February 14th. Enjoy!

Monday, February 4, 2013

In the Wintertime

After several weeks without snow, it's finally coming down again & my boys & puppy are very excited! I'm excited because it means I'll be able to scrap more layouts with the new kit, In the Wintertime from B2N2 Scraps. I just love the color scheme, perfect for snow photos & such fun elements to work with.

Here's Toby exploring snow for the first time. He really didn't know what to do with it but soon figured out that he could run & hop through snow drifts. It's a good thing we have a green sweater for him or we'd lose Toby in the snow!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Build a Kits

I think everyone is going to love the February Build A Kits over at Stuff to Scrap, the theme this month is A Blast From the Past & many of us went with a toy/game theme. I was having trouble thinking of some templates to make until I hit upon the idea of old game boards! After a quick interwebz search, I turned the classic games of Chinese Checkers, regular Checkers (or Chess!), Dominos, & Pachisi (known as Parcheesi here in the United States) into some fun templates.

Of course you don't have to scrap pictures of the games with these layouts, in fact I don't have pictures of my family playing any of these games. I'm sure my parents do but they're on vacation so I couldn't get my hands on any, heehee. Instead I used the checkers template to scrap our puppy's favorite toy that he's working on destroying. It used to have two ears, honest!

To scrap those pictures I also used a combination of the BAK offerings from The Scrappy Kat: Clyde the Monkey, More Papers Please & More Elements Please.

Remember that if you buy 3 or more February BAKs in one transaction you can use the code FEBBAK_BUY3_SAVE50% to save 50% on all the BAKs in your cart!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nature's Beauty

Yesterday was such a busy day I barely had time to think much less blog! I have several new releases to tell everyone about but I'll spread it out to be nice. The first new release is from Just for Fun Designs who's CT I just joined, love Kelly's work! She's just put her newest kit, Nature's Beauty in her store at Scraps N Pieces, this is such a wonderful kit to use for all your outdoorsy photos. The kit will be on sale for 40% for the entire month of February. Kelly is using a sampler from this kit for the February Use It All Challenge over at SNP so you can try the kit out before you buy.

Here are my layouts, I'm finally getting around to scrapping my April & May pictures from last year, LOL!