Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For Peep's Sake

Hello everyone, it's Stephanie, Wendy's hybrid gal again! As it's almost Easter, I decided to do some holiday themed hybrids using Wendy's fun Easter kit, For Peep's Sake. How about a reminder of what the kit looks like?

Super cute & just perfect for decorating some Easter goodies. Before I get to showing off what I did with the kit, I first want to give out some general hybrid tips. As time goes on, I'll have some more detailed tutorials for everyone but at first I think it's good to know just what you'd need to do hybrid projects. Please note that all opinions are mine & links are provided for informational purposes. Let's go!

1) Computer: Well, that goes without saying, on to the next think you need!

2) Printer & Ink: Again, pretty easy to figure out (heehee) but the nice thing about printers is that you don't need a good printer to do hybrid. Don't believe any hype about having a top-of-the-line printer, my printer is a 10-year-old model that I'm just waiting to die. Darn thing is not cooperating with kicking the bucket but it prints out great hybrids & proves that you don't need the newest model to get great results.

Don't have a printer? Don't fret! You can get stuff printed at places like Office Depot or Kinko's fairly cheaply & can send your files to them via the interwebz. When I have to do a lot of hybrids, this is my preferred method as it saves wear & tear on my printer. Then again, I want the printer to croak. Have to rethink this policy.

3) Paper: Now this does matter. When I first started doing hybrid stuff I was using regular card stock that can be sent through a printer. However, the ink kept smearing & I had problems which led me to believe that I needed a new printer. After poking around I found out that the problem was not the printer, it was the paper. When I'm doing a hybrid, I use regular paper for my test prints to make sure everything is fitting together properly. But when I'm ready to print my final product I use Epson Premium Presentation Paper Matte; it's a little expensive but well worth the final results. Since switching I've never had a problem with smearing, love this stuff! When sending files out to print I just choose a good card stock as printing places have better quality paper & ink.

3) Cutting Tools: In a future post, I'll show everyone how to use a cutting machine but if you're just starting out all you need are some basic tools.

       a) Craft Knife: AKA an Xacto. Great for cutting straight lines, plenty of choices out there. Don't slice your finger, it hurts.

       b) Scissors: As with any craft, it's good to have a pair of scissors dedicated for that particular medium (paper, fiber, etc.). I have Honey Bee Scissors & they are nice & sharp, great for tiny areas.

       c) Cutting Mat: Any type will do, essential to keep from slicing up your tables!

4) Bone Folder: This is a tool that allows you to score, crease, & smooth easily on paper. In a pinch a butter knife works great; not that I would know about that expect that time I couldn't find my bone folder anywhere because my eldest twin, Ian, stole it to use for his own nefarious purposes. Ahem.

5) Glue: There are tons of different types of glue to choose from & I'll cover them more in the future but if you're just starting out then adhesive dot rollers are perfect & give you plenty of control over where the glue goes.

6) Ruler: So many kinds, so little time. Pick up one that is either metal or wood with a metal rim. Then when when you run the craft knife along the edge of the ruler it won't shave off a little bit of wood each time eventually creating a curved ruler. After all the wood rulers are made for use with pencils, not knives!

There are additional items that could be added to this list like craft ink or pop dots but I think the above are the basics that everyone uses & a good place to start. Now how about we check out some of the stuff I made with For Peep's Sake? These were hard to do, not because it was hard to work with the kit but because I kept having to slap little hands away from the goodies! That included my husband's hands, LOL.

First up are some wrappers I made for a 5-pack of Peeps (top) & 4-pack of Cadbury Cream Eggs (bottom). The 4-pack of eggs are easy to find but the only place I could find a single row of wrapped Peeps was at Walgreen's or CVS. Love Peeps, don't love all the sugar over my floors! To make these, all I did was wrap some paper around each box, measure & then make a quick template to use.

This next set of pictures features three different projects. On the top is a pack of Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Tape, they had Easter themed ones so I picked one up for my little cousins to fight over. All I did was make a few circles in Photoshop & then decorated them; I printed one label for the top & one for the bottom.

On the bottom left you can see a wrapper I made for a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg, again all I did was just a quick measure to make a template & decorate. My husband Tim did suggest that I could make more wrappers, just for quality control purposes of course.

Last is the bottom right & a box designed by my youngest twin, Jake. I had made a box template a while ago & let him pick out what papers & elements to use to decorate the box. As you can see, Jake has a minimalist theme going but he was so excited to make his own pretty I didn't have the heart to insist on more (he calls my scrapping "making a pretty"). Unfortunately, said box was destroyed after just a few pictures thanks to enthusiastic playing but he was happy so all's well.

I hope everyone enjoyed these Easter hybrids & gets some fun inspiration from them. Have a happy holiday!

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