Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just Us April by Wendy Tunison Designs

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I've got a fun hybrid project that would be a fun gift for Mom! First off, here's the kit I used for this project, Just Us *April*, doesn't it just scream spring?

I have had my eye on this project for a while, it's homemade scratch off tickets! Have you seen these on Pinterest? I saw several examples run past my eyes, one is from Like a Pretty Petunia & the other was from ArtMind; they looked really easy so I was just waiting for the perfect chance to try them out. Since these lovely ladies already had some great pictures of the process & I can't find my second set of hands (really need a better/stronger tripod for my new camera) I'm just going to give everyone some tips about the project.

For supplies you'll need the following (in addition to your ticket of course):

(1) Contact paper - found in the shelf liner section of your local store, make sure you get the smooth clear version. I picked up one roll & found that while it was clear, it was bumpy so pick the right one.

(2) Paint brushes - get some small ones!

(3) Dish soap - any kind you have on hand will do, not sure if hand soap will work.

(4) Metallic acrylic paint - you can use any color you like although silver is traditional. Also make sure you don't get distracted by metallic looking paint that has sparkles in it, that stuff will not work! Not like that happened to me or anything, forcing me to go back to the craft store. LOL.

To make my ticket I came up with the ticket below using Just Us *April*; my ticket has three spots for prizes & some cute wording at the top but you could put as many spots as you want.

Now it's a little hard to tell from the picture, but the ticket on the left is a flat ticket (all printed together) & for the one on the right I separated out the different sections, printed them out & then assembled it. Well, I guess you can tell by the downward slant on the prize section, lining things up by hand is not my forte.

After the cards were printed & assembled, I put my contact paper just over the prize sections. In addition, I wanted to attach a quarter to the ticket; I put a very small piece of contact paper over where you see that brad at the top of the ticket. Then I put a little of my dot glue on the contact paper & pressed the quarter down over the brad. Held great & didn't rip the ticket when I pulled it off.

Another good tip is to find a cardboard cracker/cereal box & cut out a back for your ticket. I didn't like how flimsy the ticket felt when it was printer & assembled so I just sliced up a box in the recycle bin to be a little bit smaller than the ticket & glued it to the back. Made it much sturdier.

Mix up your paint & dish soap with a ratio of 2 parts paint to 1 part soap. A little bit of this stuff will go a long way, I used 1/2 tsp of paint & 1/4 tsp of soap & still had tons left over when I was done. Carefully paint over the prizes, making sure to stay on the contact paper; let dry. You will probably need to do a second coat to make sure the prizes are fully hidden; just make sure it is completely dry before you give the ticket away. So cute!

As I needed to show what the tickets looked like after they had been scratched off, I let Jake do the honors. He had a blast!

Here's what the ticket looks like when scratched off, in theory you could repaint the tickets & reuse but what fun would that be? Hope you enjoyed this project!

Some Bunny Loves You by Just For Fun Designs

If you've got some Easter pictures to scrap, why not pick up the super cute kit Some Bunny Loves You by Just For Fun Designs? With the soft color palette & cute elements it's great for all your Easter photos, even the ones of all your peeps!

Here's some of my peeps that I just had to scrap! They were quite yummy.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mommy's Little Boy Revamp by B2N2 Scraps

I feel like I've been playing catchup all week but I'm still behind. At least I have something fun to show off today, Becky of B2N2 Scraps has revamped one of her earlier kits, Mommy's Little Boy! This has always been one of my favorite of Becky's kits & I just loved that she's updated it by adding white to the color palette, changing up some of the papers & adding in some elements. With two little boys, this is a kit I use a lot so snag it while it's on sale!

I wanted to do more layouts but only managed this one; it's an example of a typical day at my house. What crazy little boys I have!

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Pursuit of Happiness by Wendy Tunison Designs

Oooh, I love a grab bag and the surprises they hold, don't you?! This grab bag from Wendy Tunison Designs has a full size kit, a 40pc word art add on for the kit, a set of CU styles and a set of CU elements as well! This will only b available through April 27th when the bag will be separated into
individual products at their full price. 


Check out the gorgeousness our CT created with this already! 




Don't forget that Wendy's stores are on sale this week and you can buy her entire store for just $50.00!! There's almost $700.00 worth of product in her store....that's a huge discount!

Bday2013 (2)
She'll have a different challenge for you each day and if you play along, you'll be in the runnings to win her entire store for free!!! How fun would that be?!

Today's birthday week challenge is for you to combine the three freebies she has available as challenges this month into one layout! You'll need to use this mini from the SNP Use It All Challenge...


and finally, you'll need to use this word art from the GS Word Art Challenge.


Combine them all into one layout to complete today's challenge. You can keep track of your challenges on her fb fan page. Simply click on the events tab to grab your spot!
Here's what Wendy created with them yesterday...not a bad combination!

Have fun! Be sure to check her blog tomorrow with Challenge No. 3 and some freebies from our CT!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wonderland by The Scrappy Kat

Wonderland, the newest collaborative digital scrapping kit by Growing Pains Scrapped, Mommy Me Time Scrapper, and The Scrappy Kat, is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Without being as cryptic as the always grinning cat, or as short tempered as the Queen of Hearts, follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole. Don't be late! Wonderland makes a wonderful Un-birthday present.

In addition to the kit there is a worn paper pack, a word art set & a quick page pack to snag as well so grab them while everything is on sale. Please note that the kit is exactly the same no matter which designers' store you purchase it from & supports all designers equally.

I found the perfect pictures for this kit, what could be more crazy then a bunch of mad hatters?

And I have a little freebie for everyone, click on the preview to download & enjoy! Sorry, this freebie has expired!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Templates: On The Sides by B2N2 Scraps

I was so distracted by the huge lakes that formed on my street this morning that I almost forgot to post about B2N2 Scraps' newest template set, On The Sides.

I had fun with this set getting some of my older pictures scrapped, first up is my boys enjoying some hot chocolate after shoveling; I used In the Wintertime for this layout.

And this layout I promised to Becky a while ago but hadn't been inspired until I got to work with the templates. It's a picture of me from high school marching band, we were allowed to wear Halloween costumes for one game. I combined two of Becky's kits, Marching Band & Frightful & Delightful, for the layout & I'm rather proud of how it turned out!

Midway by Wendy Tunison Designs

Do you remember the thrill of a carnival as a child? Did you soak in
all of the excitement of the bold colors and loud noises? Can you smell
the popcorn and cotton candy as you stroll between rides? Wendy Tunison Designs and Keystone Scraps have teamed up to bring you a collection of kits that will
leave you nostalgic for a boardwalk carnival! Perfect for scrapping
everything from your local fair to those huge amusement parks we all
love to dream about! Full of elements that cover everything from the
rides to the food to the carnival game prizes, you'll be sure to find
the perfect finishing touches to your layouts! We've added in an
awesome assortment of perfectly worn pieces and have coordinated our
kits so that you'll be sure to have two huge kits that blend perfectly
together to create even more beautiful layouts! So step right up and
begin scrapbooking those fun filled memories today! Midway will be 30% off during it's introductory week.


And on top of the sale, if you pick it up this week, you'll also get this add on for free! It will be available for purchase separately next week.

Check out Keystone Scraps' coordinating kit! It's 30% off as well! It's available at Scraps N' Pieces, Go Digital Scraps and My Memories (coming soon)!

and if you pick up her part of this collection at SNP or GDS, you'll also receive these awesome word bits for free during the introductory week!


What a collection, eh?! Want to see what our crazy amazing creative teams did with it? You're gonna love this visual feast!






Pretty amazing, huh?!
This coming week is Wendy's birthday week and she's got some fun planned for you! There will be challenges, prizes, chats, gifts, and so much more! I can hardly wait!


In the meantime, swing by all three of her stores to pick up freebies and participate in the challenges there! You can grab this at SNP for the Use It All Challenge...


You can grab this at GS for the Word Art Challenge...


You can pick up this template at SBB for the Template #2 Challenge...


Wendy will also have these three ellie packs on sale this Saturday for the Super Saturday Sale for just $1.00 each! Whoot!


She's also kicking off her birthday week with a speed scrap at SNP on Sunday night at 7pm MST.


If you come and follow the directions, you'll receive this mini kit as your prize!


Have a great day!