Monday, June 3, 2013

Free Ride by The Scrappy Kat

For Easter this year, we ended up going to an Easter egg hunt that was sponsored by a motorcycle club. No really! It was the 25th Annual Ranch Riders Motorcycle Brotherhood Easter Egg Hunt & while it was in many ways your typical Easter egg hunt the addition of the burly guys in motorcycle gear made it memorable.

When it was time to scrap the pictures I discovered there were no motorcycles kits in the Stuff to Scrap store so I put out a request for a motorcycle kit & ended up with a collaboration between Build A Memory & The Scrappy Kat, Free Ride! I just love what Raquel & Kat came up with & you can snag both parts of the collaboration on sale right now.

There are also two add-ons you can pick up, Raquel's is free through June 10th while Kat's add-on is also on sale.

Here's the layout I made for the Easter egg hunt, giant Easter bunnies are weird enough but the addition of the motorcycle jacket sent it into the weird stratosphere!

Since it was an Easter event, I added some bunny elements from Dive Into Easter from Mommy Me Time Scrapper & The Scrappy Kat. Of course the bunnies insisted on wearing motorcycle helmets!

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