Saturday, June 1, 2013

Simply Lime by Wendy Tunison Designs

Time for another hybrid project using one of Wendy's kits & this time I have something amazing to show everyone! For this project I used Wendy's newest kit, Simply Lime, which has a fun & funky color scheme. It was perfect to make some Father's Day cards with; this was one of the Free with Purchase kits over at Scraps N Pieces during May 2013 so check your stash before buying!

I made some Father's Day cards for the grandpas with this kit but that wasn't the coolest part as I included a custom QR (Quick Response) Code in the cards so the grandpas could see their grandsons via video! Everyone has seen these code everywhere & it was very neat to find out I could make my own & download it as a PNG to put on layouts.

You can see the QR Code in the lower right picture, it works great & you can even scan it from your computer screen to see the video I linked up (a really old one as I haven't actually made the video for the grandpas yet!). Just click on the photo to bring up the larger version of the image & use one of the many free QR readers out there to scan the code. You'll be taken to a video of my younger twin explaining his plans for world domination at just 1 year old. Don't think he's followed through on any of those plans yet.

Back on topic! Making your own QR Code is very easy & you can link them to just about anything you want from a website to a video. Your first step is to figure out where you want your code to point to (website, video, etc) & copy the URL.

Next, Google free QR codes & pick the site you'd like to use; I got at least 8 different sites on my first search. Some places may require you to register & some may not, just pick one & follow the instructions on the site.

Quick note. Some places may offer you the options of a Static or Dynamic QR code. If you choose the Static option you can only use one URL with a particular QR code. However, if you decide to use the Dynamic option you can go back later & change the existing URL to a new URL. For most of us the Static QR Code is the best choice.

After following the directions on the QR Code maker website, you'll be given an option to download the code in various formats, for all us digital scrappers you'll want to snag the PNG format. Then just treat the code like a normal element & plop it someplace on your page. Remember that you don't want to size the code up but you can make it smaller. Don't forget to add a little arrow & text to encourage people to scan the code.

You can use any QR Code reader to scan the code & it will work with any smartphone or tablet that can support a QR reader (& has a camera of course!). This is a wonderful way to include videos that you may have taken at the same time as the photos you scrap. And in case you're wondering, when you scan the QR Code on the card I made, you're scanning something that was made digitally, printed on my home printer, then photographed & it still works perfectly both in the physical form & the photo form. Have fun!

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