Friday, August 2, 2013

Grandma's Junk Drawer by Wendy Tunison Designs

Have you seen all the new goodies that Wendy has for sale this week? I was able to use Grandma's Junk Drawer to make a little hybrid project that should make my husband very happy. Remember that you can pick up Grandma's Junk Drawer for 30% off this week at Ginger Scraps and Scraps N Pieces


What could make a husband happy about a hybrid project you ask? Well, I do a lot of freezer cooking but I don't like the traditional way of doing it by using plastic bags. I don't have the patience to wash out plastic bags & since you're not really supposed to reuse plastic bags that have had meat in them it just feels wasteful to me to toss 'em. Instead I use plastic & glass containers that I've picked up over the years. The problem is that you can't write on the plastic & glass containers & that leads to my husband yelling at me "what is in this container?!?" LOL

To solve the problem, I've made some laminated labels that I can attach to the containers with Velcro! I got a laminator a few weeks ago & it's my new favorite toy, why did I wait so long? As you can see I had to gussy up the labels & I made labels that have the names of dishes I make on a regular along with blank one that can be written on for new dishes that I want to try.

Making the labels was way easy. First, I figured out a size that would work for the majority of my containers which happened to be 2 in x1.5 in. Then I designed the little label & printed out a bunch on cardstock; after letting them dry a bit, I sent them through the laminator & cut them apart. I attached Velcro tabs to the backs of the labels & sides of the containers & ta-da! No more confusion! The only question at this point is if I should superglue the Velcro tabs to the containers so they stay on in the dishwasher but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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