Sunday, September 29, 2013

Little Man by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs' hybrid chick, Stephanie here with a fun tutorial. First off, anyone else living in a house full of guys? Like, even the dog is a guy? If you're like me & are surrounded by testosterone, you'll really want to pick up Wendy's kit Little Man. It has everything you need to scrap all your boys, from the big ones to the little ones!

I recently needed this kit to make some tags for my boys' lunchboxes; I'm getting a little tired of Angry Birds this, Angry Birds that so even though I could have made Angry Birds tags I went with something cuter instead! Will the Angry Bird madness ever end?

First off, if you don't have a laminator & have been wanting one ... go buy one now! They are super cheap & oh so useful for so many different things. I picked up a Scotch Thermal Laminator at Target for about $30, you can also get most of the laminating supplies for the machine there as well.

However, what I needed was some luggage tags & those I found at Office Max. I found this pack of GBC Luggage Tags, it was about $16 for the pack of 25 tags & straps. Not bad!

These tags are 2.5" x 4.25" in size so to start making your tags, create a rectangle that just a little bit smaller in size. I think mine was a touch under 2.25" x 4". Since I love rounded edges I used an action from TheCoffeeShop to give me some curves. If you want to do a double sided tag, make a copy of your rectangle so you can design & print them separately.

After getting my base all set, I went to town designing the tags! On the front I just put the kiddo's name but on the back I used the word art from the September Word Art Challenge over at GingerScraps. I added a robot, a monkey, a cowboy & a dinosaur. Yes, you can find all of those elements in the Little Man kit!

After printing & cutting out the tags, I then glued them together back-to-back (making sure that I didn't have one side upside down!). You don't need to use a lot of glue, just a dab to make sure the front & back stay together through the machine. Also, if you do the double sided tag, you don't need a thicker paper for printing, since it'll be laminated this is a good time to use regular paper if you want.

Next, pop the glued tag into the laminating pouch & get it as nice & neat as you can. Make sure your machine is ready to go & gently feed the pouch through the top of the machine. Wait as patiently as you can for it to come out the bottom, it'll be hot!

Finished! And OK, I am weird that I love the smell of a laminator? Reminds me of when I'd go in to help my Mom set up her classrooms before school started & she'd have to laminate a bunch of posters. Yup, I'm weird.

Back on track, now that you've gotten your whiff of the laminator & your tag has cooled off, attach the strap to the tag & then to what ever needs its little label. This is seriously a great way to keep track of your stuff, I've already made a bunch of regular luggage tags for travel & will be making a few more to get various bags labeled around the house. Easy, cheap & personalized. Love it!

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