Friday, October 25, 2013

Just Us {October} Hybrid by Wendy Tunison Designs

Ack, is it really less than a week until Halloween? I better get cracking on putting together 40 of my latest hybrid project made with Wendy's new kit, Just Us {October}! Check out how cute it is, I mean aren't those little kids in costume elements to die for?

Of course being Halloween, I had to figure out something to do for my kids' classmates (hence the need for 40 of this project, I might be slightly crazy). Thankfully one of my favorite hybrid designers, Wendy Bird Designs, has a super cute Candy Wrap Up Template that you can pick up for free over at the Scrap Orchard forum until the end of October. This template is just the right size to hold a couple of mini candies or a pair of vampire teeth or a mini ring pop (that's our choice!).

I had a lot of fun designing the sides of the box, since I tend to like to use solid papers when putting elements on my projects, I used one of the word art papers for the flaps of the box. One really helpful thing that Wendy Bird does with her templates is provide all the parts of the templates as single & full sections so you can customize the templates. She also includes cutting files if you have a cutting machine, so helpful!

The box was very easy to assemble but one thing that I won't be doing when I sit down to assemble 40 of these suckers (heh) is use ribbons. I seem to have misplaced my third hand so instead I'm going to glue the flaps together to keep the box closed. That way my sanity is saved, always important. But if you decide to do the same, just remember to put the candy in the box before you glue the end flaps closed!

As you can see, the project turned out so cute & I just had to use the eyeball elements Wendy included in the kit. My kids turned it over & freaked, in a good way of course! I've left room to personalize the boxes for each class & I know my guys are going to love helping assemble these for their classmates.

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