Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Significants Vol 1 by Wendy Tunison Designs

I have some fun things to tell you about today! It's so much fun to dress up your siggy in the forums and these new templates will help you be able to create them easily! Wendy Tunison Designs has included both a full 12" wide version as well as a 750px wide version of each template so that you can easily use these to create fun title work for your layouts or use the sized down version for your siggy in the forum!
Wt_Sig1_snp copy
Take a peek at what our CT has created with them...
I also wanted to tell you about the awesome Black Friday Sales that are happening tomorrow! The entire SNP store will be at least 50% off and there are a lot of extra specials happening too!
On top of that, Wendy's got a couple of build your own bundle specials too!
Wendy will also have some fun kits in the Super Saturday Sale this weekend.
She's got some fun things cooked up for December too to celebrate 4,000+ facebook fans so be sure to stop by each day and see what she's got cooked up for you!
Have a great weekend!

Love this siggy template set, I know I'm going to be using it over & over again!

And here's my siggys, just a little bit bigger so you can see how fun they are!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Us {November} by Wendy Tunison Designs

November, the month between October's autumnal kiss and December's bitter cold. It's sweater weather and leaves crunching on frosty mornings. It's family get togethers and evenings curled up in front of the fire. There's shopping to do and meals to prepare. There's laughter and love and hometown football games. It's a month full of activity that brings us closer to the ones we love and fills our memory jars with years of remembrances. It's the season's last grasp at color before the world is blanketed in white. So tuck into Just Us {November} by Wendy Tunison Designs, filled with warm colors and soft textures to celebrate the warmth of November the whole year through.
Wt_JUNov_full copy
Wt_JUNov_alpha copyWt_JUNov_pp copy

Wendy has also cooked up some extra pieces to go with it!
Wt_JUNov_exal copyWt_JUNov_exell copy
Wt_JUNov_expp copyWt_JUNov_Lingo copy

If you want it all, she's bundled it all up into a fabulously priced bundle!
Wt_JUNov_bundle copy
I bet you can't wait to see what our creative team has done with this kit!

Have a great day!

I made a little thank you card for one of my sons' teachers but can't wait to use this kit for all my Thanksgiving photos that still need to be scrapped!

My Great Escape by Just For Fun Designs

My family has always been big into books, I can always remember going to my grandfather's house where he had rows & rows of bookcases filled to overflowing. Which is why I love the new kit, My Great Escape, from Just For Fun Designs. Filled with everything you need to scrap a trip to the library or a splurge at the bookstore, this is a must have kit for any bookworm!

I'm so happy to see my boys are as much in love with reading as I am, their great-grandpa would be so proud.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Distressed by B2N2 Scraps

I'm not actually distressed but Distressed is the name of a lovely new kit from B2N2 Scraps. This kit could be used for all sorts of photos from vintage to everyday. Becky has put the kit on sale for 30% right now so snag it at a great price while you can!

I am having a lot of fun trying out the different settings on my camera & then combining them with Photoshop actions. Love how this picture of Jake turned out!

And if you're interested in joining Becky's creative team, she's extended her CT Call until November 24th; Becky is lots of fun to work for!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sew Wonderful {Hybrid} by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy's hybrid chick Stephanie here, how many of you got interrupted during DSD weekend while you were trying to scrap? I got interrupted a lot, apparently my family doesn't understand the words "Do not enter!" However the constant interruption led to my latest hybrid project made with with Wendy's Sew Wonderful Bundle. If you're someone who loves to sew or just loves sewing stuff, this is the bundle for you!

I found this the perfect kit to make a crafting themed "STAY OUT" doorknob hanger for my office. Cute yet functional!

Making a hanger is super easy, I did a quick search on the interwebz & found a bunch of free hanger  patterns to choose from. I went with a square top since that would be easier to cut & I liked the look of it. When you import the pattern into your scrapping program, it's a good idea to measure the size of the hole you're going to cut out to put over the doorknob just to make sure that it's the right size. My doorknob (a standard size) is just under 2 inches in diameter so I made the cut out around 2.25 inches in diameter.

You can make your hanger any size you'd like, just be sure to leave enough room around the cut out to provide some stability to the hanger. Then design away! As you can see, I made my own little stop sign using the chunky alpha from the bundle, love how it turned out.

After you're happy with your design, print it out & get that Mod Podge ready. If you want to make this very sturdy, glue the hanger to a piece of cardboard or chipboard. You can either do this before or after you trim the hanger, there's really no right way to do this. I ended up using chipboard & did a very rough trim around the hanger. Then I glued the hanger to the chipboard & trimmed all the rest of the white paper along with the chipboard.

One new thing I did with this project is to sand the edges of the hanger after I had trimmed the white paper & extra chipboard away. My main reason for doing this was that exposed edges of the chipboard got very rough & really needed to be smoothed. I used some sandpaper I found in my husband's tool box, nothing too rough & I just sanded very gently until I was happy with the results.

To finish, I inked the edges of the hanger; once the ink was dry I gave it a coat of Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer & then good coat of Mod Podge Matte Finish when the sealer was dry.

I haven't had a chance to put the hanger to use yet but I have shown it to my boys & made it clear that if the hanger is up, Mommy is not to be disturbed! We'll see if they actually stop when they see the stop sign. Have fun, I bet you can think of a lot of great door knob hangers to make!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Stand By Me Charity Collab

If any of you were following the story about (QueenWild) Lahni's husband John when he was electrocuted on the job last month you will already know this story. For those of you that haven't heard here is the story.

On Wednesday October 23rd, John was working in Banff. He was up in the bucket, working with streat lights and received an electric shock. He was taken to the hospital via STARS air ambulance. He was put into a medically induced coma for 24 hours as he had been without oxygen for 5-15 minutes and the hypothermic state was to help minimize the possible brain damage. He is expected to make a full recovery and is out of the hospital and back home with his family at this time.

We came together as designers here and from some other stores to show our support for Lahni and John by making this kit to help raise some money for their lodging and food while John was in the hospital and to help with donations to STARS - the air ambulance that most probably saved John's life.

Join with us to purchase this beautiful kit "Stand By Me" to help raise funds for the family and STARS.

Kit includes:
  • alpha (uppercase and lowercase, numbers and symbols in sheets and individual PNGs)
  • 8 glitter sheets
  • glitter styles
  • 153 papers
  • 13 frames
  • 12 tags
  • 5 butterflies
  • 8 hearts
  • 2 feathers
  • key
  • bird
  • star
  • owls
  • bear
  • birds on branch
  • 42 flowers
  • 21 leaves
  • 19 ribbons
  • 3 bows
  • 7 strings
  • lace
  • 3 ricrac
  • trim
  • 5 stitching
  • 15 buttons
  • anchor
  • 3 clips
  • brad
  • 4 staples
  • charm
  • 2 banners
  • 3 borders
  • stitched border
  • 2 smears
  • 4 swirls
  • 2 scatters
  • 13 word art
  • 3 templates (PSD, TIF, PNG, Page formats)
This kit will only be available thru the end of December. Kit will also be sold at Scrap Take Out

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Temptations Remix 4 by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fun template set for you this week! She's gathered up four more favorites from past challenges or freebies and bundled them all together in Temptations Remix Vol. 4! It's 50% off this week!
Wt_TR4 copy
Buysnp Buygs
She's also made them in the 8.5 x 11 size as well!
Wt_SR4 copy
Buysnp Buygs
Here's a peek at what our awesome CT created with them.

Did you love the layouts made with Sweeteen?! I sure hope so because it's on sale this week too for 50% off! Whoot! This was such a fun collab Wendy did with Tammy from Memories by Digital Design so be sure to check out her part too!
Wt_SsTn_full copy
Buysnp Buygs
The coordinating Lingo pack is on sale this week too!
Wt_SsTn_lingo copy
Buysnp Buygs
Wendy's cooked up one more goodie for you today! If you love the look of matted anything, this action is perfect for you. She's designed it to create a separate mat for anything. That way you can easily customize your mat or your matted object. It will create a mat in 5 different sizes that will work perfectly with any size object. You can mat type layers, alphas, photos, frames, name it! It's so much fun and makes matting so much easier! Of course, it's 50% off this week too!
Buysnp Buygs
Have a great weekend!

And here are my layouts, on the left I used the kit Turn It Up & on the right I used the kit Sweeteen, have fun scrapping!