Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tranquility by Wendy Tunison Designs

Hybrid chick Stephanie back with a new project! I have been sitting on this project for over two months & am so happy that I can finally post it because it's really, really cool. Before I show you the project, here's the kit I used for it, Tranquility.

Such a peaceful kit that reminds me of Earth Day & that gave me my idea ... well, it really was my cousin's idea but she doesn't mind if I steal stuff from her especially since she got the idea from someone else. I decided this would be a great kit to use to make a homemade, recycled notepad, check it out!

Isn't that cool? It works just like a notepad you'd get at the store but it can be made of paper that you've been meaning to recycle. Which makes it a great project for any paper that you've only used one side of (& don't need to shred) or a way to use up outdated letterhead. Let me show you how I did it.

First, open up a blank template in your scrapping program in whatever paper size you plan on using (mine is 8.5x11). Using guides, divide up your template into an even number of boxes. Then design your notepad however you would like, I had a reason for doing the designs on the bottom upside down but my reasons escape me at the moment. Possibly because it was easier to make everything all line up in the end. Yes, let's go with that. I'm not kidding, I don't remember!

Now if you want to, you can leave your notepad in color but my goal was to make something that would be a way to recycle paper so less is more by removing the color. To make my notepad grey scale, I went to Image --> Adjustments --> Desaturate which removed all the color from the template.

Next I printed out 8 copies of the template which will give me a notepad with 32 sheets of paper in it. Slice & dice the paper into neat little pieces then arrange the sheets in what ever order you'd like, I went with alternating pages. To create the back of the notepad, I sliced up a cereal box we had just emptied. Stack your pages & notepad back together, making it as neat as possible & hold everything in place with some binder clips.

No pictures for the next steps because I couldn't find my extra arm/hand & I am not letting the boys near my DSLR! Using a small brush (I love the cheap-o foam ones from Michael's) slather Mod Podge (kind doesn't matter) on the very top edge of the notepad. Don't worry about being pretty, just make sure to only do the top edge & cover the whole edge very well. Let it dry & then if you want you can add another layer. Once it's all completly dry, which could take a few hours if you put the Mod Podge on thick, you can remove the binder clips & your notepad is done! Here's the finished product again, as you can see the top sheet tears off very nicely.

This would make a great project for homemade gifts, personalized notepads for a classroom, really anything you can think of that could use a fun notepad. Go have some fun, I've already made several of these & can think of about a dozen more I could use!

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