Friday, February 28, 2014

Teddy by Shel Belle Scraps

Are you a dog lover? Do you spoil your furry four-legged family member? I am and I do! This kit is inspired by and named after Shel Belle Scraps' favorite furball, Teddy. It's perfect for scrapping pictures of your favorite pets but versatile enough to be used for everyday pictures as well.

Here's some pictures of our little four-legged friend, the layout on the left pretty much sums up my week.

Go Team! by Joyful Expressions

Have a basketball player or cheerleader in the family? Then you'll want to snag Go Team! by Joyful Expressions, filled with all the elements & fun papers you need to scrap those sports layouts.

My boys aren't quite tall enough for regular basketball but they did enjoy the little hoop at Gymboree!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Sniffles by Just For Fun Designs

With all the cold weather, it's not surprising that many people are sick, including my whole family! Since nobody likes being sick, why not make the most of it & use The Sniffles by Just for Fun Scraps to scrap all those sick day pictures? The kit is only $2.00 through the end of February!

Since my brain can't work very well while I'm sick, here's the allergy testing we did on our boys. As you can see the kid on the right has more allergies, LOL.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Temptations Vol 25 by Wendy Tunison Designs

Wendy Tunison Designs has got a fun new set of templates for you this week!  With some fun blendy areas and just the right photo spots, you're sure to fall in love with them as much as I have!  Best of all, they're 30% off this week!
Wt_T25 copy
Buygs Buysnp
Take a peek at the awesome layouts our CT created with this set...

As you can see, our CT has used mostly She Wore Blue Jeans and He Wore Blue Jeans for these layouts.  Both of those kits are on sale this week for 50% off!  Whoot!

Wt_HWBJ_full_snp copy

And be sure to stop by the Super Saturday Sale this weekend to pick up these fun kits for just $2.00 each at SNP!
Have a great day!

Monday, February 17, 2014

You Complete Me by Joyful Expressions

Have you been looking for a unique Valentine's Day kit that you can use beyond the holiday? Then You Complete Me by Joyful Expressions is perfect for you!  With a game and puzzle theme, this one-of-a-kind kit works for scrapping layouts featuring the love of games or the game of love!

Love my little dudes!

Quilting Bee Vol. 1 Papers by DoubleTrouble Scraps

Looking for some fun paper templates to add a homemade touch to your kits? The Quilting Bee Vol. 1 layered paper template set from DoubleTrouble Scraps will help you make some lovely quilted papers to go with your sewing themed kit or any kit that needs that special touch.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

First Bites by Just For Fun Designs

That first bit of solid food is always an adventure with lots of funny and messy faces. First Bites from Just For Fun Designs is the perfect kit to scrap all those messy photos. You can pick this up for only $2.00 until February 20th.

My messy babies, this was almost five years ago!

Dive Into Valentine's Day by The Scrappy Kat & Mommy Me Time Scrapper

Looking for a Valentine's kit that's not full of pink & red? Then Dive Into Valentine's Day from The Scrappy Kat & Mommy Me Time Scrapper is what you are looking for. The purple & blue colors give it a funky vibe but still have plenty of love for scrapping your loved ones or a layout about something you love to do.

I really love the darker colors, makes it much easier to scrap boy layouts!

Just us {September} {Hybrid} By Wendy Tunison Designs

Just Us {September}?  That can't be right!  But it is.  You may be wondering why on earth Wendy Tunison Designs is releasing a September kit in February so I'll tell you.  It's because Wendy fell behind in her release schedule for the Just Us Series last year and she's playing catch up.  LOL!  She's still got to finish July and August and then all 12 months will be finished.  So if she's a little out of season, that's why!  September means back to school for most of us and this kit is chock full of everything you'll need to scrap those special moments.  Filled with bold patterns and doodles, this kit is perfect for everyone from preschool through college graduation!  It reminded Wendy of all of the notebooks she filled with doodles and the way we use to cover our books in grocery bags and then decorate them for each class.  She'll never forget the way Andy doodled on her Geometry book when she was in high school with the words, "Gee I'm A Tree."  LOL!  With a fun handmade feel, this kit is so much fun to play with and I'm sure you'll have as much fun as I did with it!  The previews are linked.

Wt_JU9_full copy
Wt_JU9_a1 copyWt_JU9_pap copy

With 117 unique ellies, an alpha and 30 unique papers, this kit is full, but it's been a while since Wendy has had a chance to design a kit and she just couldn't stop!  So there are a bundle of add ons too!
Wt_JU9_a234 copy
Wt_JU9_Doodles copy
Wt_JU9_JnF copy
Wt_JU9_Lingo1 copy
Wt_JU9_Lingo2 copy
Wt_JU9_sty copy

Of course, the best deal of all is the bundle that includes everything!
Wt_JU9_Bundle copy
Take a look at the amazing layouts our CT created with this bundle...
JU9a JU9b JU9c JU9d JU9e
Have a great day!

Here's Just Us {September} again, love all the elements; this is going to come in very handy when my boys start Kindergarten next year.

I knew exactly what I wanted to make with this kit, Rolo Pencils! This project is all over Pinterest & basically it's a roll of Rolos (heh) with a Hershey's kiss taped on the end wrapped in a pencil looking cover. Some of the tutorials I've seen have you using three separate pieces of paper to get the end of the pencil to look right but I went simple & just printed the whole thing on one paper.

I think what makes this project so popular is that you can modify it for any holiday, I've seen ones for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Teacher Apprectiation & more.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Make Your Own Valentine Cards by Karen Diamond Designs

With Valentine's Day coming up, I had a chance to work with the fun kit, Make Your Own Valentine Cards, by Karen Diamond Designs. There is so much goodness in this kit that I used it to make all the wrappers I needed for Valentine's treats!

** Please note this set is no longer available for sale **

My first project was to make some milk cartons with the kit, I needed them to make a countdown to Valentine's Day for my boys. Here are the cartons before I hung them, I used my Milk Carton template for this. The bigger one is filled with treats for one of my little cousins while I re-sized the template down to make the right size for the countdown. I love that Karen had plenty of boy elements in the kit, that is something that's hard to find in a Valentine's kit.

Here's my finished countdown, I have the current Silhouette Advent Calender. At first I really wanted the box one from a few years ago but this frame is much more versatile, I can use it for every holiday & special event!

Even though the milk cartons look small, I was able to tuck two Hershey's Kisses & two quarters in each one with room to spare.

The second project was to make candy wrappers for candy we're giving out to friends & family; for this I used the Will You Be Mine ~ Candy Wrappers. I went a little overboard but it was so much fun, I just couldn't resist.

My last project isen't done yet, I made pillow boxes to tuck treats into for Ian & Jake's classmates. Since I have to make 40 of the boxes, I've been doing just a few at a time so I don't go crazy, once I have them done I'll do another post because they are super cute.

Here are the two template sets I used for these fun treats.

** Please note this set is no longer available for sale **