Friday, August 1, 2014

Create a Siggy with Multiple Links

Hello everyone! I'm hosting the August Siggy Challenge over at Scraps N Pieces & I thought I would post a tutorial about how to make your siggy link to multiple locations. {Please note, the pictures are from when I was at Stuff to Scrap & are a few years old, I had a brain burp & forgot to make new ones!}

To start, make a siggy! When making a multiple link siggy, you'll want to include text or icons so that people know you're linking to different sites. Since this is ooooooold, I was linking to the designers that I CT'd for. Once your siggy is done, trim off any excess space around the siggy; in PS go to Image --> Trim. Make sure that you are trimming around all of the siggy.

Next you'll need to merge all the layers together; in PS go to do this by going to Layer --> Merge Visible. Then resize your siggy down to about 600 px & change resolution to 72 ppi.

Now comes the fun part, slicing up the siggy! Using the Marquee Tool, select the area which will make up the first website link. In the example, I have selected an area to just before the end of "Scrap." Marching ants will appear to show you what the layer will look like when it's cut.

Now go to Layer --> New --> Layer via Cut which will turn the selected area into a new layer. Turn off the visibility on the new layer to see the rest of the siggy that needs to be sliced up. Continue using the Marquee Tool to slice up your siggy but make sure that before you select a new area you have your bottom layer! Don't worry about making your selection perfect, the Marquee Tool will only cut visible images so if there's some transparent pixels in your selection, it'll just ignore those.

Once you've got the siggy sliced up, you'll want to save each layer as a separate JPG or PNG file. Starting with the left side of the siggy, turn off the visibility on all the other layers. Go to Image --> Trim to get rid of all the transparent pixels. Make sure to only trim away the left & right sides. If you have a siggy that has different heights in it, trimming the top & bottom will cause the final product to not line up. Save the trimmed file as a JPG if you have a solid background or as a PNG if you have a transparent background.

Backtrack two steps by either using Ctrl + Z or Edit --> Step Backwards to get those transparent pixels back. Turn off the far left section & turn on the visibility of the next section. Trim, save & repeat for each layer until you've got a JPG or PNG of each layer.

Upload your siggy files to your preferred image hosting site, then head into the Settings section of the forum where you'll be using the siggy. Most forums follow a similar format so look for the Edit Signature link.

Click on the Insert Image icon & paste in the links to the siggy images one at a time, starting with your far left image. {While this was made using Stuff to Scrap's forum, Scraps N Pieces Settings page is exactly the same} When you highlight one of the images you can see that it's not connected to the other images. With each image selected, click on the Insert Link icon & paste in the website you want that section of the siggy to link to.

Make sure that you don't have a space in between the images or the siggy will look bad. If the siggy is not lining up properly, it means you trimmed the top & bottom when you were saving the sections. You'll have to go back & redo those parts.

Once all the images in your siggy have been linked, hit Save Signature & you're done!

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