Thursday, September 4, 2014

A is for Apple Text Paths by DoubleTrouble Scraps

Is everyone back in school now? My kiddos started a week ago but we're just now getting on to a schedule (sort of!). To celebrate the start of school, the September Bits N Pieces theme was knowledge, learning & wisdom & I was going to do an alphabet template set but a few other designers beat me to it.

I do plan on doing some alphabet templates but I decided to pull out my other idea & make some text paths which I've named A is for Apple ~ Text Paths (original right?!?). I've taken each letter of the alphabet & made two text paths for each, one that traces the outline of the letter & one that fills in the letter.

Use them together or separately! Just pick your preferred font to add some fun journaling to your layout, a neat looking background or an element for your kits.

A few of my creative team were able to work with the paths, here's Tina's & as you can see she shrunk the text path & tucked it behind the paper as part of her title.

Trinity used the fill in text paths to do some journaling for her layout, love how it turned out!

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